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  • Will you guys be issuing a real passport that will be able to be used for travel? I know this is pretty difficult to do in the draconian world we live in today, but I know of another place that’s attempted this idea with partial success which is the World Service Authority, see

  • Could the Bitnation passport be used to provide ‘proof of human’ for projects which want to do things like limiting accounts to one per person (as an anti-spam measure for example) or to distribute cryptographic tokens for free in a fair way (ie without people gaming the system as happened with’s giveaway using Facebook auths)?


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  • Hi, could I get an example of how I could use the Bitnation ID in the future with BitNation or possibly externally.

    There’s my credentials, the verification data and then the secret key data.

    Does that mean that the Verification is a Public Key that I can use to identify myself to BitNation. Where BitNation would be able to know exactly who I am but no one else. And then the Secret would be my own key Private Key, both being a pair.

    Or with the Verification data would BitNation not be able to know who I am only that the system has verified me?

    Clearing this up a little would help.

    Thanks :)

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